History and Ubication

Our restaurant takes its name from the best-known work of the famous Spanish Golden Age writer, Baltasar Gracián, with whom we wanted to pay homage to its author, who resided in Graus and maintained a special friendship with Bishop Esteban Esmir, former owner of the palace.

The restaurant is located in the Hotel Palacio del Obispo, named for being the former residence of Bishop Esmir, the Bishop of Graus at the time, a spectacular palace of the seventeenth century in the center of Graus, a quiet and privileged environment designed for the satisfaction of our customers.

A classic and luxurious room that will allow you to enjoy the chef's kitchen in an unbeatable setting.

The Building

The building, originally a noble mansion of agricultural importance, was remodeled in stone in the 16th century, and it is known that it was made by the same Navarrese stonemasons who built the Basilica de la Peña de Graus Church, since they were observed stonework marks in both works, in addition to the direct relationship with the Bishop, belonging to the family that owned the house and that was promoter of the construction of the Church, among other works.

The Kitchen

The chef offers us a series of updated traditional dishes that change according to the season, preserving the flavors of the cuisine of the mountain area and updating the presentations and nuances of a modern kitchen based on the best quality ingredients. proximity and even kilometer zero.

A typical cuisine of the Aragonese Pyrenees, healthy, sustainable and original based on tradition and local cuisine without losing sight of the new culinary trends.



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